As part of a complete preventative health program for rodent barrier facilities, microbiologic surveillance of environmental surfaces should be considered. Surface sampling not only validates the effectiveness of routine disinfection procedures, but also can provide early warning to the presence of problem opportunists such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Samples are typically collected using contact or "Rodac" plates, and can be gathered from architectural surfaces, the interior of hoods or other work areas, and even inside cages which have recently been cleaned. Simonsen Labs can perform incubation and isolate identification services to complete the testing process. Also, our technical staff can also advise you regarding sampling plans and schedules.

For our customers in the San Francisco Bay area, media delivery and sample pickup is available; please call our business office for more details. Other environmental microbiological services, such as water testing and autoclave validation are also available.

Pricing Information:

Contact plate incubation and quantification, per plate


Isolate identification from contact plates, per plate


Water microbiology (from drinking bottles
or automatic watering), per sample


Simonsen Laboratories offers full service diagnostic and health status testing for rodents. For more information on specific testing panels and other services, please contact us at