Description of Testing

MAP testing is an established method of demonstrating that established cell lines, tissue samples, or other materials of mouse origin are free of adventitial viral particles. For this test, suspect material is injected into naive, serologically negative mice twice, then mice are allowed time to seroconvert to any potential viral agent. Three weeks after the initial exposure, terminal serum samples are collected and analyzed by indirect ELISA; any suspect positive samples are retested by other testing procedures to confirm the result.

Testing of biologic materials of rat or hamster origin can also be assayed in a similar manner, by detecting seroconversion in their species of origin, Please contact the business office for pricing information in these species.

Samples Required for Testing

For testing of an established cell line, 2 aliquots of cells (_ 5 x 105 cells/mL; 1.0 mL/aliquot) should be submitted to the lab in a frozen or refrigerated state, in their typical culture medium but without any cryoprotectant. An additional 1.0 mL aliquot of sterile culture medium can also be submitted to act as control material; if we do not receive this, sterile saline solution will be used as an injection control. Each cell line tested will need to be assayed in a separate group of mice, and thus will be performed and billed separately.

A complete MAP test typically attempts to detect 14 different adventitial viral pathogens of the mouse. Simonsen Labs can also customize MAP testing for your needs based on a set-up charge (which includes testing for one viral agent) and additional fees for each additional viral assay added.

Pricing Information:

Complete MAP test, per cell line (assay for 14 viral agents)


MAP test, per cell line, for a single virus agent (set-up charge)


Each additional viral agent added after set-up charge


Antibody Production tests in other rodent species



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