Please ship live animals and clinical samples to: Simonsen Laboratories
Day Road Ste C
Gilroy, California 95020
Tel: (408) 847-2002
Fax: (408) 847-4176

FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit the Request for Laboratory Examination form either with your shipment or in advance by FAX (408-847-4176). Blank forms can be faxed to you; please call our office at (408) 847-2002.
  1. Please complete all information at the top of the form, including the box labeled "Request Summary". The summary you provide in this box is critical, because it tells us what information you want from the testing. Also, any missing information at the top of the form will delay testing, since we will have to contact you for the information before testing begins.
  2. Please use a separate form for each species submitted and each type of test samples submitted. Types of test samples are covered on separate parts of the lower form, and include:
    I. Health screening profiles III. Serologic panels
    II. Diagnostic examinations IV. Individual assays
  3. If "Health Status Profiles" are requested, please provide information for each line (lines a through c). For other test types, questions are self-explanatory. Complete responses will help the laboratory provide you with optimal test results.

Simonsen Laboratories offers full service diagnostic and health status testing for rodents, rabbits, and other species. For more information on specific testing panels and other services, please contact us at