Since 1946 we have offered animals, diets and related services for research and education.

If you have need for any of our products and would like information about methods, techniques or animals, please call or write us.

OUR TERMS: Please pay all deliveries by our invoices, not our daily delivery tags.

A $15.50 service charge will be added to any order under $130.00; $15.50 per Full Paper Shipping Box, $11.55 per Half Size Paper Shipping Box, or $29.75 per Plastic Shipping Box will be added to all orders, plus delivery charge where applicable. Littermates (Includes Earmarking if Requested) $5.50.

A service charge of 1.5% per month, amounting to 18% per year, will be added to any part of the total due which is not received within 30 days of invoice date. A $5.00 dollar minimum charge will be assessed on overdue accounts $75.00 and under.

If it becomes necessary to institute any legal action to collect on this account, Simonsen Laboratories, over and above any other recovery, shall be entitled to recover its court costs, reasonable attorney's fees, and all other collection due.

PREGNANCIES: Usually 50% of all animals will be pregnant when observed by the vaginal plug method. Inbred mice are excluded. No guarantee will be given on these animals until such time as they can be determined pregnant by palpation. All other animals that can be determined pregnant, by either gross observation or palpation, will be guaranteed 100% pregnant.

WARRANTY: Simonsen Laboratories, Inc. delivers animals and related products in accordance with your specific purchase order. If, upon receipt, the animals do not meet your specifications and are unacceptable, Simonsen Laboratories, Inc. must be notified within 14 days. The company, at its discretion, will either replace or issue credit for animals or products which are unsuitable. This is the exclusive warranty of Simonsen Laboratories, and there are no further warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability. In no event shall Simonsen Laboratories, Inc. be liable for any incidental, consequential or economic damage.